eVil. What is it? Is it the source of all bad things? Is it the place where desperation breeds? Is it the answer to all the morbid questions that one is afraid to ask?

Hell no! It's a bunch of car guys who are on a mission to dominate whatever racing series or neighborhood they come in contact with!

eVil is simply the joining of forces by individuals to help reduce effort or cost and maybe get some good advice or have a laugh or two. When the fathers of eVil came together a new axis was formed. Those men have led the way for a strong group of engineers, resource managers, machinists and inventors. If you need it we can design it, build it or buy a used car it if necessary!

You will notice on the right there are links to our partner pages or our resources. Use them, donate your time, effort or money to them and most of all... tell everyone you know about where you learned what you learned!

Please make sure to pay homage to our fallen brother Swarfalot. Join in on the conversation in the eVilallianceracing.com eVilboard or log into the NUKE sight and submit a story of your own about Garret.

We are proud participants or the Grassroots Motorsports $200X Challenges, as well as many local autocross, drag racing and circle track racing organizations. If you are having an event in your area, please post it. We appreciate the information!

If you are selling car parts or accessories, please advertise them on PartsChat free of charge.